Thinking Toward Vehicle’s Future

Having a good breakdown insurance coverage policy is one way to think about the future, another is to have roadside assistance. It isn’t that you have a crystal ball that says, “Tomorrow you are going to forget to fill the tank before you drive to work,” or “The timing chain is just about to snap.” Rather, it means that you are able to look at trends in auto repairs, and even though you have been proactive about taking your vehicle for regular check-ups, you know that as vehicles age faults will show up. You also know that not all things that happen to your vehicle will be under your control. That is why it is a good idea to have your insurance papers and phone numbers in your vehicle at all times.

Future Automobile Features

Insurance companies and automobile manufacturers also look at statistics. They have a good idea when a vehicle’s parts will begin to wear out and set the warranty dates accordingly. It is not that they are planning for that transmission to fail the day after the warranty is done, but that it has a good probability of becoming worn by that time. Thanks to statistics collected over the last century about drivers and driving, they also have a good idea of the ways in which drivers can fail.

A Rash of Safety Features

The result has been a rash of safety features, breaking out all over vehicles, both inside and out. These features include seatbelts, airbags, back-up lights, anti-lock brakes, and proximity alarms. Experiments with self-driving cars have yet to yet to yield a design that can handle the busy craziness of afternoon rush hour, but it has resulted in some features that could very well make a difference to your safety, or even to keeping your vehicle secure. There are already some automated driving features on your vehicle. If you drive an automatic transmission, it self-regulates according to the speed your vehicle is travelling. Cruise control isn’t autopilot but it can help keep your speed steady when you are driving long distances across flatland, such as Kansas.

The Future Comes to Insurance

Current technological advances and ideas for the future are part of the development of insurance as well as vehicles. If you are familiar with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you might have heard of blockchain technology. Blockchains are a way to increase the security of computer information. Because of this increased security, it is of great interest to banks and to insurance agencies.

Futuristic Auto and Insurance Features and You

You might be wondering what all these things have to do with you and your vehicle. First, as Scotty, a character from the original Star Trek show said, “the more complicated they are, the easier they are to mess up.” That means that as your vehicle acquires more safety features, more computerized features, and more automation, there are more things on it that have a chance of going wrong. That could mean that if your vehicle stalls out on the highway, you are going to need a lot more than a battery charge. It used to be said that you could fix an old Model T with bailing wire and chewing gum. That sort of roadside repair is long past, so it’s always worth checking sites like  to see what kind of deal you can get.

Insurance and Blockchain

Like banks, insurance has most of our personal identification information. Being interested in technology and computer programming that can increase the security of a company and subscriber information is a natural for insurance agencies. While not prevalent yet, blockchain systems have a good chance of becoming more heavily used in all sorts of companies where security is vital. Some breakdown insurance policies already include identity protection as part of their protection package. As vehicles become more technologically complex, advanced identification and protection might become more important.