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Ballot Result – Tuesday 15th December 2015

The union conducted a ballot under clause 6 of its constitution which says “Section 6: Dissolution The Union shall be dissolved if a majority of 80% of the members voting by secret ballot so determine. Any assets remaining after all liabilities have been settled shall be disposed of as the majority of members present and voting at a Conference of the Union specifically called for that purpose may decide.”

The result of the ballot was that (81.5%) voted in favour of closing the union.

The officers are now in the process of implementing this decision and as a consequence all services are now suspended.

No further subscriptions will be taken via Direct Debit, and will all members who pay their subscriptions via deduction from their wages please ensure that your employer is informed.
The union will be writing to the relevant NHS Trusts informing them of the members decision to close but previous experience has shown us they are slow to respond, so please try to ensure you also make them aware.

All existing Personal Injury claims will continue to be handled by the solicitors who have dealt with your claim to date but no new cases of any kind can be accepted.
Anyone who has a query about anything relating to the closure would you please contact us by email at info@apap.org.uk for the period up to Christmas we will be able to handle your queries through

Monday 23rd November2015

Dear Member

We are currently balloting you regarding the future of the Union. Please ensure you vote and return you ballot paper in good time. Should you not have a ballot paper by the end of this week, please let us know.

General Secretary

“We are dedicated to establish the right of the Ambulance Service to be recognised as a full emergency service and to work to ensure that the special demands placed on our members are recognised and respected by both employers and the public at large”.

Welcome to our website! This is the main contact point for all current members and new members looking to join the Association of Professional Ambulance Personnel (APAP).

APAP is the only fully independent Trade Union solely dedicated to ambulance personnel. We welcome all ambulance staff to join APAP from paramedics, NURSES, EMT’s and ECA’s to control room and ADMINISTRATIVE staff as well as those from the private ambulance sector.

We would be grateful, if all current members, would take the time to send us your updated contact information, by going to the ‘contact us page’, please also include where applicable change of station and job title. We want to be certain that you are receiving matters of interest that we send out from time to time.

Reps – posters are now available, if you would like some to put up in your station please e-mail info@apap.org.uk, and we will arrange to send them out to you.

Tutis Vestri Posterus – Secure Your Future

General Secretary