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11th September 2014

Dear Member

The General Secretary and the NGC has decided to ballot members in England and Wales on industrial action alongside the other health care unions.

I am sure you are aware that the NHS Pay Review body recommended a 1% pay rise for all staff. The government decided to ignore this recommendation and instead implement a 1% non-consolidated rise, only to staff who are at the top of their pay band & nothing to staff who are due an annual increment. A non-consolidated rise means there will be no increase in your hourly rate and therefore no increase in overtime payments or unsocial hours payments. As the majority of ambulance staff are not at the top of their pay bands, most will receive nothing.
This only effects members in England & Wales as the Scottish Government decided to implement a 1% consolidated pay rise for all staff. For this reason we have decided not to ballot members in Scotland.

What are my rights if I decide to strike?

Employees are protected from dismissal during the first 12 weeks of any lawful, balloted, official industrial action. During these 12 weeks the protection is absolute.
Any dismissal, regardless of how long the employee has worked, or their age, is automatically unfair unless a tribunal decides the dismissal was not to do with the industrial action. If employers decide to deduct pay from those taking strike action, your branch should seek a local agreement that this is no more than one day’s pay for a one-day strike.

If you are absent on sick leave when a stoppage of work starts, you keep your right to statutory sick pay during the industrial action. If you report sick on the day the action starts, the employer is likely to make their own judgement on whether you are on sick leave or on strike.

The union is growing with more ambulance staff joining. We take pride in the success that we have representing our members but we could still do with more help and ideas for recruiting members‎, if you are interested then please get in touch with Head Office.

Amanda Cundy – General Secretary

It is important that we have your correct address to ensure that you receive your ballot paper. If you think your contact details require updating please use the ‘Contact Us’ form to check with Head Office

“We are dedicated to establish the right of the Ambulance Service to be recognised as a full emergency service and to work to ensure that the special demands placed on our members are recognised and respected by both employers and the public at large”.

Welcome to our website! This is the main contact point for all current members and new members looking to join the Association of Professional Ambulance Personnel (APAP).

APAP is the only fully independent Trade Union solely dedicated to ambulance personnel. We welcome all ambulance staff to join APAP from paramedics, NURSES, EMT’s and ECA’s to control room and ADMINISTRATIVE staff as well as those from the private ambulance sector.

We would be grateful, if all current members, would take the time to send us your updated contact information, by going to the ‘contact us page’, please also include where applicable change of station and job title. We want to be certain that you are receiving matters of interest that we send out from time to time.

Reps – posters are now available, if you would like some to put up in your station please e-mail info@apap.org.uk, and we will arrange to send them out to you.

Tutis Vestri Posterus – Secure Your Future

General Secretary